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Constantly voted as one of the top places to live in the world, Vancouver is a green city fulled with people passionate about saving energy, protecting the environment and living green. It also happens to have some of the most amazing real estate in North America. Our Vancouver office supports North American operations and is home to our premier showhome. Call Branden on 778 862 0072 to book a free consultation.

Based in Dubai?

Yes, our main office is in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Why? Well that is a good question. Not only is it the adopted home of founders Richard Scott Smith and Shaun Shulba, it is also one of the newest, fastest growing and most tech progressive cities in the World. With more new homes being built than the next 3 largest cities combined, Dubai was the perfect place to launch a company that cost effectively brings luxury home automation to the masses while also helping save energy. From the Robots for Good and Drones for Good Awards to the government sponsored solar technology initiatives, Dubai is a proven ‘innovation positive’ environment with an amazing support structure for high tech businesses. Call us at +971 54 443 3971.

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